Monday, December 19

The Imaginary Party Outfit for the Imaginary Party

Mama Kat's Writing Prompt for this week is a fun one:
 "Put together a holiday outfit you'd love to wear at a holiday party should a holiday party ever be on your list of things to do."
This concept requires 2 things:
#1)  First, imagining I have an unlimited budget and can buy whatever I want.
#2) Second, also imagining I might actually have someplace fancy to go that requires such an outfit, like, for example, an upscale Christmas party at a plush Destin hotel.
Now that we have the ground rules settled, we can look at the clothing catalog photos I selected for my "ideal party outfit." Now I love a lot of things I see on those oh-too-skinny models in
on-line catalog photos, but I'm not a long-waisted, hipless, bustless, skinny-minny like they are.
I have more of what I prefer to call a "voluptuous hour-glass" shape. I simply look ridiculous in short-short skirts, straight shift dresses, the clingy knits, the fluffy-around the hip jackets that make my hips look twice the size they are or anything too fitted and you can't tell me otherwise.
Also a prerequisite for my ideal party outfit is lots of lots of glitz and sparkle.
So, the photo below would be my outfit choice: a draped, flattering sequined jacket over a equally sparkly top, though I'd chose a silver top rather then this gold one. (Silver seems to accent my strands of grey well.) And the not-too-wide velvety velour pants shown. I prefer the jacket, because it's cold outside at Christmas around here. I also happen to have shoulder length, curly hair.

For shoes, I'd pick sparkly, silverish Cinderella feeling shoes like the ones below:
And for jewelry, I'd polish my look off with gaudy rhinestone earrings, such as these, plus a vintage rhinestone necklace I already own or perhaps a draping black bead necklace that has rhinestone babbles I also have on hand.
 I would try them on to see which looked best with the outfit.
I also have a small pot of "skin glitter" which I would apply on my eyelids, cheek-bones and throat area once make-up was on to complete the magic.
"Elves have sparkles on their cheeks" ~ Jim Allen in The Santa Clause~

So there you have it, my perfect party outfit for that perfectly imaginary party!


paula said...

I want the whole outfit just as you planned it. Golly, I wish I had somewhere to wear it to. The earrings are perfect! -- Paula

Reviewer11 said...

Cinderella shoes--NICE! :D

Ixy said...

That jacket is so cute - I love it! From a fellow hourglass - great picks.

Patrice said...


Angelia Sims Hardy said...

Ohhhh....really like your imaginary party. I would love to attend! I think silver would look better too and I ADORE those earrings!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh I love the coat.. I am half an hourglass, but my top doesn't quite measure up to my bottom. Isn't dressing fun???

Reviewer11 said...

Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas, my friend. :D

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