Tuesday, December 6

Mama Kat Prompt: Favorite Ornament

Of Mama Kat's selection of writing prompts for this week, I've chosen the "Share a favorite Christmas Ornament," option:
My Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament:
My yearly Christmas tree is, of course, festooned with ornaments full of memories.However, my ultimate favorite ornament is a little pair of Santa Claus's I made from a pin-ornament kit back in 1976. They're simple really: just a Santa "stuck" in a fireplace chimney waving a tiny Christmas tree. It was an easy kit: the chimney being just a small square of styrofoam that I pinned shiny brick-shaped sequin squares around, then glued the little Santa body on. Tiny star-shaped sequins had to be glued onto the tiny tree he holds and red sequins & beads pinned through the "suit" area, then finally batting was glued around the "chimney" top to form "snow." They remind me of a place and a time when I was on my own, my very first Christmas away from my family in the Air Force.I picked this kit out myself from a mail-order craft catalog and paid for it with my own money. I'd been making Christmas craft-kit ornaments since I was 10, so it was kind of a family tradition, but this was the first time I'd ever picked out and bought such a kit for myself, by myself. That's what makes these 2 little Santa's so special.
 I sat in my dorm room and enjoyed putting the little guys together  and, to this day, they still get a prominent position on our tree, a positive yearly reminder of how I spent my first Christmas at Offutt AFB, Nebraska, apart from my family.


Carolina said...

He's so cute!

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

He is cute and of course he would be special, you made him!
~Naila Moon


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