Thursday, January 5

Mama Kat Prompt: Who Would I Cast To Be Us?

If your life were being turned into a movie...who would play your cast of characters?

What a fascinating question! What actors would I pick to play myself and my husband if our lives were going to be made into a film? Actually, I knew immediately! Then I started thinking about what sort of movie it would be. A comedy, of course!  But also it would be an inspirational movie in the same class as "Courageous" and "Facing the Giants."  It would be about a husband and wife team, who work for Campus Crusade or Intervarsity on some small Midwestern college campus. This is their life and they're good at what they do and they've been doing ministry on this campus many years, so they're in their late 40's. And because they have no children themselves they've had the freedom to be fully devoted to the campus kids whom they consider like family. They have a public location on campus for a weekly Bible study, do many activities and meals for the kids in their home and plenty of life-on-life counseling as students seek them for advice on life decisions & personal issues. It would be a comedy because I'd cram every quirky, weird thing we've ever dealt with into this film so it one laugh after another and, being a movie, naturally some sort of larger problem to over-come would have to be included for that touch of drama. Over-all, it would have to be about love and faith and perservence.

So, who would I cast to play this? Why no one else but Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo! They're the right age. The right conservative look. They look great together (just like us!) Perfect to play myself and my husband.

This photo is from "Yours, Mine and Ours," however you'll notice I touched it up with a mustache-goatee on Dennis, since to play my husband it would be a prerequisite. Perhaps a touch of gray at the temples. I wear shoulder-length hair anway, so her style is just right. Both would need to at least wear reading glasses.  I can imagine Dennis, in this imaginary movie, sitting in his at-home office behind his desk peering over the top of a pair of black reading glasses at a sheepish looking student who has just told him about some sort of mess he's got himself into and Dennis says, "Now, I wish you'd called me before you decided to do that. I would've told you no, that isn't a good idea."
(My husband is always saying that to the Air Force kids, that no one ever calls him to ask whether they ought to be making that certain bad decision that will effect their life for years to come, perhaps even get them kicked out of service!)  Though we actually do a military ministry, I'd set the film on a college campus because I think it would be more universally familiar to people. More people go to college then join the military.
There you have it.

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Jerralea said...

I enjoyed this post. I got a kick out of imagining your husband saying he wished people called him first. Unfortunately, most of us don't think, until we wish we had!

I've always had a soft spot for Dennis Quaid, by the way.

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