Tuesday, April 10

Garden Pics & Cupcake Card!

Here's some pics. I was really trying to set up a scolling gif, but the program wasn't working properly, so that was 2 hours wasted. However, I'm posting a few of the pics that would've been on that scrolling gift:
My table arrangement. Rubeckia blossom & Dusy Miller greens.

The red & white one. Pretty.

My new pot garden in a giant pot! Too new to be fully in bloom yet.
It has a theme of reds and oranges in it.
(Everything did good except the Coral Bells---it died of a mildrew disease.)

 Newest Card Design: In a World Full of Cupcakes Your the Only One for Me!

Below is a recent set I designed at Polyvore featuring my newest  card design! Available at my Bevstuff store!
In A World Full of Cupcakes You're The Only One For Me! 

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