Thursday, April 26

Mama Kat Prompt Day: If I Eat Anything....

Today's prompt of choice is: 
"If you had one day to eat anything you want and not gain a single ounce what would it be?"

For me, that would mean NOT having to count calories or even worry about whether it was healthy or not!
It would frivolous, just-for-the-joy-of-it eating! Hoo-ra!
So, what would I eat?
For breakfast I'd run right over to McDonalds and have a juicy sausage & egg McMuffin rather then the lower calorie Egg McMuffin I normally choose when there for breakfast. And coffee, of course.

Then for lunch I'd go to Arby's and probably still have the my favorite  French Swiss & Dip sandwich, but instead of splitting a medium curly fry with my husband, I'd order a large curly fry all for myself. Then I'd indulge in one of their fabulous chocolate turnovers and buy an extra to take home!

Then for dinner I'd go to Ruby Tuesdays and order the shrimp pasta rather then one of their FiT calorie-counted meals I usually choose. Currently, our Ruby's offers a free trip to the salad bar with any entree and since their salad bar is fantastic, I'd have that, too. I love their blue cheese dressing!  


I wouldn't have room for dessert  at Ruby's after that big plate of pasta, but I still have that extra chocolate turnover from Arby's and I'd have that with coffee for dessert later!

So, there's my free food day. Enjoy


Marie Wreath said...

omg I am so hungry now!!! LOL Excellent choices. Wishing you much health and many delicious meals!

CJ said...

I'm with Marie! I'm starving now! I would be eating right along with you!

Jordy Liz said...

YUM! And the giant agave below is amazing. We have them here in Arizona, too. Unique plants!

Megilon said...

I do love Arbys French Dip sandwich!! Yummy!!

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