Thursday, April 12

Mama Kat Prompt: My Favorite Thing

Today is Mama Kat Writing Prompt Day and the subject is sharing a favorite thing.

My newest, most favorite thing in the world is re-purposing things into garden decorations in my garden. This is called "Garden Art."Sometimes it's also referred to affectionately as "Garden Junque or Garden Junk," but it is art nonetheless. It's all about turning interesting things you find at yard sales or second hand stores or even in your own garage or closet into garden accents. My own garage had quite a few things just sitting around in it that garage that found a new life outside. For example, I turned an old picnic basket that had been residing unused there for year that I turned into a Hosta Lilly planter this spring. Some of you may of even seen the scrolling photo set I posted for a previous Mama Kat prompt that included a pic of coffee cup and saucer set that is now home to hen-and-chick succulents.
Well, today's latest addition to my garden collection is the little blue ceramic cat below.

This little guy was so cute--I had to have him! I found him at the Airmen's Attic on base,which is basically a second-hand store.
So, here he is in his new home! This huge pot is in my front bed and anyone walking up to the house will be able to see my new blue friend nestled among the blossoms.


Bridget at Le. Rheims said...

That's adorable. We used to have a large back yard and my and brother and I filled it with all sorts of religious statues, in their own little flower filled grottoes. Love garden art. Right now, I have an alien garden gnome in my living room, waiting for the day when I once again have a yard to put him in :)

Adventures as a Small Town Mom said...

What a great addition to your planter. I love going to second hand stores and finding little treasures.

kaye said...

what a fun hobby-and thanks for stopping by.

Tiffany said...

I love the kitty!!!

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