Wednesday, April 25

Wednesday Garden Pics: Iris & Century Plant

 The Fabulous Garden Pics of the Day
The first Garden Pic of the Day below, is my beautiful Siberian Iris.These are in my front bed.
I've had them for quite a few years beginning with just one clump that I've split and split and split again. This is the first year they've really been a spectacle, blooming profusely, though.
They are really a darker midnight blue then they appear in this photo.
They don't like a vase. Outdoor display only, but I like them because they're hardy in my climate and soil. Unlike other Iris that either have a bulb or rhyizone, these have a stringy, tuberous root system like daylillies. Unfortunately, they have no scent.
They're a good investment for a perennial bed.

Next photo of the Day is a Giant AgaveHow would you like one of these monsters in your yard?
Luckily, they're not in mine. Not only are these things big as truck, but I consider them ugly. This is actually a neighbors back yard down the road and around the corner from me.
Giant Agave's are a common landscape feature in yards here.
This breed of Agave is usually called a "Century Plant," though they don't live that long. They live about 10 years, putting up a 15 foot bean-pole of an alien-looking flower their last year of life.
As you can see, my neighbor has nest of them and there's an even bigger one on the other side of the tree.
They reproduce like a Aloe plant, sprouting small "pups" off the  bottom. I think that's how they get spread around---people giving them away. I never see them at Lowe's.
 And they're cute when they're little.
Pretty light blue-green in color, blade edges sharp as a chain-saw, adorable as a porcupine.
Yup, right.

Tomorrow is Mama Kat Prompt Day! So be sure and come back!

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