Tuesday, May 15

It's Polyvore Tuesday: Contest Sets

Today I have a couple contest entries to show you.
First up is a contest entry for a Polyvore contest being sponsored by a jewelry company called "Blue Nile." There will be 3 winners and 3 prizes, all jewelry related. Only residents from U.S., Canada & U.K. will be eligible.  Designs are to have a wedding theme.
I've done several sets for this contest, but this set below is one of my favorites.
For some reason the sets I just "throw together" as I did with this one come out better then the ones I fuss over for an hour. I did try and use different precious stone colors for each set and I even did one in Egyptian theme for one set because of the company name: Blue Nile.

Love at First Sight, Sponsored by Blue Nile

Next is a Keds shoe entry
I like this one because of the "then" and "now" look!Now do I stand any chance with Ked's and the Polyvore judges? Who knows.

Ready. Set. Summer! with Keds

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