Thursday, May 3

Mama Kat Prompt: What's Keeping You Busy

The prompt of the day is "What have you been too busy to pay attention to?"
Well---getting this prompt posted for a start. That's why it's almost 3:30 pm and I'm just now getting around to it.
I've been "too busy" making Polyvore sets for their greeting card contest---once I realized they'd be giving a complimentary stack of greeting cards printed with 4 winners sets, I decided one set entry was not enough. I've done a dozen since last night. All different styles.

Other mundane tasks that get put off in favor more creative endeavors:
1) Putting away the laundry. It's still out in the garage in the basket.
2) Washing dishes that don't get stashed in the dishwasher---like things with wood handles, zip-lock containers, grilling tools, etc. I usually get around to it a couple times a week, but otherwise I'd rather do the fun, creative activity---or work outside.
3)  Other assorted indoor tasks that need doing  and could be done:
* Washing the bedroom windows on the inside and washing the curtains.
*Taking down the old cassette tape rack on the wall in the living room, painting & replacing it with small shelves, but first I have to finish staining the small shelves.
*Sanding and staining the rolling island in the kitchen.
*Finish organizing the file cabinet with new hanging folders that are behind me right now, calling to me to remember.

I'm not taking pictures of that stuff.
However, I will show you one of the Polyvore Greeting card designs I did this morning (rather then doing any of that other, less fun stuff.)
Like A Butterfly


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