Tuesday, May 22

Polyvore Tuesday: Contest & Christian Pirate Shirt

It's Polyvore Tueday, time to find out how contests are going and what's being entered!
Alas, I didn't win the greeting card contest. Of the four chosen, 3 were well-deserved, but #4 left me shaking my head in wonderment. It was just a square of assorted fashion arranged neatly with nothing over-lapped or touching in neutral colors. All I could think was it's neutral colors scheme made it a nice unconflicting match for the other 3 more elaborate, wordy designs. (Remember, all 4 are going to be on the front of a card together.)
I did win a member group contest: 9th place with a Starbucks themed
The Ked's and Blue Nile contests are being judged and the newest contest with a cash prize is being sponsored by the company running the "Dancing with the Stars" TV show.
So, the required item in the set design is the shows disco ball logo.
Like other prized-centered contests, I've done all sorts of entries in all different styles. Some simple, some complex. Only residents of the 50 states are eligible to win.
So, for your viewing pleasure, I'm posting one of my favorite entries below:

Shine with the stars!

I also use Polyvore for making sets to advertise products from my Zazzle storeBelow is a pirate themed set to advertise this shirt: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
It has the scripture Hebrews 9:27 below the cross-bones and it's written out on the back. The scripture says, "It is appointed unto man once to die and after this, the judgement." That's why it's called "Dead Men Tale No Tales."
I ordered one for my husband for his birthday. The design was his idea. It should be here soon!
Dead Men Tell No Tales


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