Thursday, May 10

Mama Kat Prompt: 10 Favorite Things

Today's prompt is:
 List your top 10 favorite things about summer growing up.
I had a great childhood. We lived way out in the country. My family owned 22 acres of forested land that included part of a valley with a stony creek running through it. It was a vertitable fairyland of adventure.

So here's my 10:
#1)  Not being in school, of course, is number one

.#2)  Putting on our suits and running down the trail to the creek for a cool swim. It was a shallow creek of just a couple inches wherever it was running, but in certain bends and turns it would develop pools about 8 to 12 inches deep.

#3)  Family vacations where we'd camp on our way to Minnesota to visit family.

#4)  Eating fresh strawberries and veggies from my mother's vast garden.

#5)  Drawing out imaginary adventure maps with my sisters, then taking turns "following" them.

#6)  4-H Camp at Shakamak State Park. We stayed in with cement floors and rows of metal bunks, went to project workshops, played games, sang after meals in the dining hall and enjoyed skits in the vesper bowl at night.

#7)   Doing our various 4-H projects, then taking them to the County Fair for judging to see what ribbons we'd get.

#8)  Going to the Centerbrook Drive-In theater for double feature Disney movies. We'd bring our own refreshments: popcorn, home-made brownies & Kool-aide.

#9) Wiener roasts in the back yard! Building a fire was a fine art at our house. It involved first hunting for small, medium and heavy sticks, then building a suitable roasting fire in our make-shift fire-pit comprised of cement blocks. We had individual wiener forks to put our dogs on, which are hard to come by nowadays. Then we'd have Some-more's. Not with Hershey's, but with Brach's chocolate stars, which my mother felt melted more easily and faster.

 #10) Going to the Indiana State Fair as a family. It was an all day affair. No, didn't do the rides. We'd stroll over the vast grounds visiting the various exhibition halls. I did the flower growing 4-H project and in the 3rd year that meant doing an "arrangement" comprised of garden flowers I'd grown. I did so well at the county level, I was sent to the State Fair and I had to make my "arrangement" in front of a panel of judges. I remember I did a "right-angle" design. I did pretty well. I got a blue ribbon, I think.

Above: The Dining Hall at 4-H camp at Shakamak State Park where used to eat and sang.
 Looks generally the same, though I feel like it was a lighter color back in the day.
Unfortunately, digital camera's hadn't been invented yet during the era I was going there, so I don't have pictures to upload. I found this one on-line.
 No personal cell or smart phones or anything to distract our attention back in those days
either, I might add.
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Diane said...

I have never been to a state fair. I really need to go and take my kids to one sometime!

I loved the drive-in too. There is actually one still in existence not too far from us. We went and took my boys a couple of years ago.

Jerralea said...

It sounds as if you had a wonderful childhood!

I remember Brach's chocolate stars ... I wonder if they still make them ...

MJ said...

Oh, I love S'mores! They are a new experience for me - I never knew about them until moving to the US a couple of years ago. I could eat them until the cows come home...

Great list :)

Hilda said...

That sounds awesome! Sure is fun having a little fantasy adventure in your own property. :D

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