Wednesday, May 9

Wednesday Garden Pics: Day Lilies

I have 2 special pictures of the week for you !
Last fall, I planted an assortment of 10 new Day Lillies, each a different and unique color.
Now, one by one, they're blooming and I've been photographing them.
Each has a name and I very smartly kept record of those names and where each is planted.

First up: Blueberry Candy

It's peachy colored with a purplish-maroon watermark and lime throat. Pretty.

Next: Black-eyed Susan

This one is a brilliant, dark golden yellow with the red-orange watermark.
This photo is not touched up--it really is this color.

Notice the slight ruffling along the petal edges---these lillies are classed as "ruffled daylillies."
Most are re-bloomers, meaning they'll put up fresh stems to bloom again later.
These are strictly for outdoor beautification. Each blossom only lasts a "day," thus their name.
Not a good cutting flower, though I have put broken stems in a vase before. Every bud will open in vase, but you have to pick off the dead, wilted blossom daily, so it's troublesome.
A good vase flower should stay pretty pretty in the vase for more then one day.


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