Thursday, May 31

Mama Kat Prompt:What I Miss Most About School

What do I miss? Well, first I have to consider which school I'm even talking about before I get into missing anything. I don't think of grade school much---aside from colorful memoir material, like being accused of swearing when I said it was "hailing" outside or being so gullible I was easily misled into believing all sorts of falsehoods.

 So moving on to high school---do I miss anything about that? I have to say there's a lot about high school I don't miss as far as the social environment goes. I did enjoy the academics---except algebra---I couldn't get algebra. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it at the time.

I loathed P.E. since I couldn't hit a softball or dribble a basketball and I was as graceful as a pig on ice at gymnastics. Ugh. Torture. I couldn't get more then a C in P.E. and I think that was just the teacher's mercy. I was an athletic incompetent. I believe, when it comes to gym class, every student should get an A for just showing up and  participating. No one should be penalized for not being thin and trim enough to work the parallel bars like an Olympian. The P.E. teacher's "star" students got all the good grades and all the ordinary Joe's, like me, just got C's. And you don't even want to know about the horrible little red-shorts jumpsuit uniform they made us wear! Ew. It was P.E. and math grades that kept me off the honor roll. I had stellar grades in everything else---just not gym and math---until  I reached 10th grade. Then I was free! Neither P.E. or math were required anymore and, to my great satisfaction, I was able to be on the honor roll every semester for the remaining 3 years.

I did make a good friend in 9th grade, who enjoyed creative writing as much as I, and we would sit together in study hall, composing fan fiction around our favorite TV shows. That was definitely a high-light of my high school life---but do I miss it? Not particularly. That was then, this is now.

But if I must pin down something to miss about school, I'd say I miss just being a kid with nothing bigger to worry about then homework. Those were carefree days really, days before work and bills and all the other complexities of grown-up life.


SisterSister said...

I miss those days myself...I didn't know how easy I had it :)

hi from mk's

SouthMainMuse said...

I agree about the weirdness of gym class. For someone who loves to exercise, gym could really throttle any joy out of it. And you are right. We all thought homework such the chore -- ha.

Babies and Briefcases said...

Hi! Giving you some comment love from Mama K's. I had the exact same feelings as you regarding P.E. when I was in junior high. I remember having to run a mile and thinking how unfair it was that I was graded on how fast I could run!

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