Friday, June 22

Funny Stuff

This photo is going around Facebook and I just loved it! So I felt compelled to share it!
     It's Jesus talking to the Hulk, Captain American and Spiderman, who are listening intently, saying, "...And that's how I saved the world."
     Cool beans!

In Other News:

I just posted two pretty "thank you" cards I designed in my Zazzle store!

One has a crayon, hand-drawn quality. I "drew" the sun and butterfly, added the fence and stamped the flowers and grass under the "thanks" lettering.
The other is "Thank You" on a dark lavender background with the letters of "Thank You" filled with colorful flowers.

Funny Stuff:
The other day Lowe's called to ask, "how we liked the toilets we purchased?"
My husband replied, "They're great. We use them all the time!"
The other day we were on our way to the Air Force base commissary to do grocery shopping. My husband was driving. It also happened to be pouring rain. I mean a typical Florida 30-minute deluge. There was a bunch of traffic both ahead and behinds us as we pulled up to a red traffic light. We were in the right lane, 2nd car in line. In the left lane, the first vehicle was a motorcycle, the rider in plain street clothes and helmet, soaked to the skin.
The light changed and we all pulled ahead. Not fast mind you---because of the rain. Unfortunately, straight ahead was a water obstacle--rain water had already pooled into a small pond completely covering the left lane and part-way across the right.
I had my head turned to watch and saw the motorcycle guy stop--which made traffic behind him have to stop. I assume he hoped to change lanes. But all of us in the right lane kept moving foward, naturally, since it would've been too hazardous to do anything else.
As we plowed forward I saw a tidal wave of brown water as high as the lower edge of our SUV's windows being thrown back as we passed the poor, drenched motorcycle dude.
I turned back around with a smirk. "That guy just got a bath."

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Hilda said...

That is a cute picture and a good one! :)

"We use them all the time, LOL!!! That's funny! And poor guy on the motorcycle. He sure got a bath, hehe.

Thanks B so much!! [Hug]
You're right. SITS doesn't work when it comes to getting followers. I tried it again but it looks the same: nothing.

Thanks so much again for all your help.

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