Tuesday, June 5

Polyvore Tuesday: Ireland & Nordstrom

Greetings and welcome back to find out what going on my world of Polyvore!z
I did get the prize code from Keds for my choice of shoe, however their online form, like most on-line catalog order forms, won't acknowledge more then one promotion code. They say they ship all orders free, but there's a conflict trying to use both the free shoe code AND get free shipping in the on-line form.
 I'm going to have to call their customer service and try to get it done over the phone, so I can get both. So, still working on that.

I didn't win the Blue Nile contest, but I did think the sets that did win entirely worthy (since you know I sometimes disagree with who they choose as winners.  I can't imagine how hard it is selecting out of hundreds of really good sets, the best 3. It took over a week for Blue Nile to make that decision.
There are a couple contests still pending: Nordstrom and Dancing with the Stars.
Good news: the Sephora company "liked" one of my sets that featured their make-up and "promoted" that set to front page, where I'm getting hundreds of "likes."  That's twice they've picked up something I did.

Today I'm featuring 2 sets I designed:
The first one here is not for an official contest, but for a member "group" contest. (members can form "groups" and host their own contests.) It's a new one I joined because I liked the topic:  "Around the World in 80 Sets" and the first place to "visit" was Ireland.
It's a new group belonging to a woman in Texas who goes by the name "Texaspinkfox."
She also put up an offer that any members who could recruit additional members would be given the honor of serving as a "guest" contest judge over a contest dedicated to a location of their choice.
I put the her group link on my Polyvore page, advertising it. Someone communicated with me they were interested in joining and I communicated with her and Texaspinkfox went ahead and asked me if I wanted to pick the 4th location and be a guest judge! Of course, I wanted to!
I lay in bed that night, pondering my country of choice. My great-grandfather immigrated from Norway to America, so I decided on Norway.
We've just started the next new contest, which is themed on Mexico. Mine should come up about the end of June and being a judge, I won't be entering a set, though I might make a Norway themed set just for fun and to advertise the group.
I didn't win the Ireland contest, but I'm enjoying the theme. Sometimes I quit groups I find boring or who only pick perfectly square, magazine-newsprint themed sets as winners for everything.
Those type sets are not the majority in THIS group, thank goodness. Winners ranged from fantasy set design to fashion. So I remain encouraged and interested even if I didn't win.
I'm going to have to ask Texaspinkfox what the judging criteria is.
Anyway: here's my Ireland set.
We saw Snow White and the Huntsman, by the way, which filmed a lot in Ireland.  Spectacular scenery!

My Wild Irish Rose

Below: is my favorite set for the official Nordstrom contest, that is still in judging status.The words "She is clothed in strength and dignity" is actually a portion of the Proverbs 31, verse 25.
 I just found this one amongst the Polyvore clip art. In truth, I use scripture in sets fairly often.
That set Sephora "liked" I mentioned earlier just happens to have ideas from Romans 12:2 decorating it. It says "Don't Conform" ; "Be Transformed" in bold letters.
 I'm sure they have no idea it's Bible related. Even in spiritual warfare there are covert ops.
 That the models eyes are looking toward the words directs the viewer right to them.
Cool, eh?

A Place in the Sun, Sponsored by Nordstrom

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