Tuesday, June 12

Polyvore Tuesday: Mexico

The power was this morning. That's something to wake up to.  It was about 8:40 am and it didn't come back on till 10. There's something about the sudden absence of those barely noticeable sounds one gets accustomed to. The fans. The A/C.
 I still haven't reset all the electronic clocks yet. I just came back from a new Yoga class at the YMCA.
Time for lunch and mowing. It's finally a dry day and the grass is crazy.
Our dryer started making a peculiar sound while running---as if it was having slight difficulty turning a full load. We called a repairman and after one listen, he said, "The motor is going."
We paid him for his visit while we considered our options: repair or replace?
Well, one look at gas dryer prices plus tax, then delivery, plus the $65 we already put into the repair dude made the decision clear: repair would be less expensive. Plus, the service charge would still apply for them to come back, so we won't have to pay that again. So, they 've ordered the parts and should be out this week. It still runs, but I'm cautious to just dry small loads at a time so not to over-strain it and have it abruptly quit. So what's light and needs to be done has wash priority.

So, on to Polyvore stuff:
What happened with the shipping on the free Keds shoes? I had to pay it. We talked to the customer service and they said they needed the $2 shipping to track the orders, so no getting out of it.
We gave them the order by phone. Actually, my husband did it for me, since I'm sort of a phone-phobic. I don't like talking on the phone unless I absolutely half to, which makes me an odd-duck in
 this phona-holic era.
$2 might not sound much, but we'd just been re-issued a new credit number, because of fraudulent charges placed on the last one. You know, once bitten, twice shy. Though, really the fraud occurred right after a local restaurant purchase--not from anything on-line. Still---I felt bulky about it.

I won 12th place in the "Around the World in 80 Sets" member-group contest, which was themed on Mexico with this set below:


The new contest is for "Hawaii." You can see those sets if you click on the madamdreamweaver link above. I've entered 2. No prizes are involved with group contests generally, except in this club, the Texaspinkfox likes giving away opportunities to be a "guest judge" and think of contest locations, so I feel more like I'm a "part of something."
Norway is up next and I'll be judging entries for that! I asked Texas if she had any criteria, but she just said something about, "looking for what best represents the country."  Hmm, have to mull that over. I'd like a bit more criteria. May have to come up with some, since entries are extremely varied in style.


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