Tuesday, June 19

Polyvore Tuesday: Purple Illusions

Today one of my favorite sets:"Purple Illusions."
In Polyvore you can cut apart and layer pictures, so that's what I did with this one. It was originally just a plain mirror that woman was looking into, so I "cut" the mirror portion out, then layered in 3 pieces of scenery to create the background and added wings to the reflection image. I put the frame on it, then added the foreground items: roses, pottery with hyacinths, books, necklace and shoes. I wanted the shoes to look a particular way---sort of thrown- off---so it I had to look through shoe category a bit to find just what I was looking for--which I usually can.These shoes were actually 2 separate pictures. The "Create" draft-board page also has a clone button to duplicate things and back and forward buttons to achieve the layering.
The image concept here is "a woman stuck in her black & white world who is looking in the mirror and sees a better, more colorful dream-world she perhaps wishes she could step through the mirror into."
I got a lot of "likes" and "wow, beautiful" type comments from my followers on this one!

Purple Illusions

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Hilda said...

Wow, I love them! They look awesome!

LOL, the second one reminds me of my brother in an Indian accent saying that when he jokes around.

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