Tuesday, June 26

Polyvore Tuesday: Jack Sparrow Set

 Greetings and Welcome back!
One of my sets I designed in Polyvore featuring NARS make-up was recently promoted to a TOP set on the first page by the NARS company.
The photo to the right is a screen shot of that set.
No real signifcant prize contests going I that I can enter. BING is hosting a prize level contest, but residents from D.C. and certain states are not allowed to participate---and one of those states is Florida.
Go figure.

Next is one of my favorite recent sets featuring Jack Sparrow.
The Jack Sparrow photo was a promo photo I found in the Polyvore clip art.. I did the set in order to feature the Madison Harding boot, but it failed to attract that companies attention. Notice there is a cross necklace amongst the lettering.
The Polyvore design board under the "Create" tab is something like a very basic photo-shop.
You can clone, crop, cut apart or move things backwards or forwards to create layers.
There's also text and several other decorative feature in the tabs.
It's not like Pinterest, which is just a flat collection of photos or whatever. However, there's a lot of things in the Polyvore clip art "clipped" from people's Pinterest pages.
Set Sail on the Winds of Adventure
Set Sail on the Winds of Adventure by madamdreamweaver

In a Different Catagory of Contest...
In Pirates of the Caribbean, the online game, I belong to a Guild called "The Elite Thievery Company" and this month is the Guild's 3rd Anniverary. Though I don't often play, still get notices of special events and one of them was a "Banner Design Contest," as part of the Anniversary celebration with the prize being the winner's banner being used on the Guild Website.
I guess I "won" because I checked in today and found my banner decorating the Guild website!(Below is a screen shot of it)
I'd never done one, but it came out fair enough and
I was pleased to find it being used.

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