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Good Eating Monday: Tumeric

Before I get to the healthy stuff, let me point out the new link to the right that says, "The Invisible Spy."
My friend, Hilda, is self-publishing this intriguing youth fiction book she's written and the link will take you to the 1st chapter she's posted on her blog.
She would really appreciate you stopping by and giving it a read!
(It's still in the process of publication right now.)

Want to know what foods are good for your skin?
This link as Men's Health has a slide show of the best things you can eat for your skin:

And guess what? Dark Chocolate is on the list as being GREAT for your skin!
 forget those horrible old wives tales about chocolate making your skin break out!  NOT TRUE!

Today's Good Eating Topic is: Turmeric
I'm doing  a series on healthy common spices. Ground turmeric an important ingredient in Mexican and Indian cooking. It's in your Taco seasoning pack and it's in Curry seasoning.
*No spice is under greater scientific scrutiny right now for it's healing properties then Turmeric. It's demonstrated an ability to block the activation of genes that trigger cancer, inhibit the spread of tumors, kills cells that can mutate into cancer, shrink tumor cells and enchance the effects of chemo & radiation therapy, among other things. It has exhibited a cancer-fighting ability against 22 types of cancer.
*It's also generally good for your liver and will keep it operating at peak efficiency.
(*cited from Healing Spices by Dr.Bharat B. Aggarwal)
 1/2 teaspoon mixed in 1/4 cup milk (or soy milk would work) is highly effective home remedy for clearing up chest congestion from a cold or virus. (Drink a dose about every 4-6 hours. I've used it, it does work.)

How to Get More Turmeric Into Your Diet:
Make more Mexican dishes: tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, various Mexican seasoned casseroles & Spanish rice!
Add it to vegetable or meat stews and soups!
Also anything that calls for Curry Powder is a good way to fit it in!
Thai recipes often call for Tumeric.
Here's a recipe link for Thai Tumeric Chicken:
(Not a recipe I've tried, but looks yummy!)
The basic elements of Taco Seasoning you buy in a pack at the store are Chili Powder, Cumin & Turmeric. Plus probably more salt then a human needs in one sitting.
So, lower the salt by just adding your own Chili-powder, Cumin & Turmeric.
(Turmeric is what makes your taco meat gold colored.
It stains, so wear an apron!)

One of my favorite lunch-time recipes is Bean Quesadilla's:
1 can (15oz) black beans, drained & rinsed (I prefer low-sodium)
1/4 cup to 1/2 chopped onion
1 chopped bell pepper, any color or 1/2 cup frozen pepper strips
1 cup salsa
2-3 teaspoons each of chili powder, cumin & turmeric (add more or less chili powder for your desired level of heat)
 salt & pepper to taste.
Optional Extras 1/4 cup chopped tomato
3-4 peppercini's, chopped
Directions: Add a slight bit of oil to frying pan and saute onions and peppers till tender. Mix in beans, seasoning, peppercini's and heat thru, then turn off heat.
In a second frying pan, spray with oil spray, then put a tortilla in pan. Fill a 1/2 measuring cup of bean mix and spread onto one half of tortilla, add 1 Tbsp of shredded cheese, then fold over the other side of tortilla on top. Brown first one side, then flip and brown the other.
Makes about 4 to 5 Quesadilla's. The more extras you use, like onions & peppers, the further your bean mix will go.
(I have a large iron pan and do 2 at a time.)

Using 1 Tbsp of cheese is for the calorie conscious--if that's not a problem for you, you can use any shredded cheese and add as much as you like.
[1/2 cup of black beans = about 110 calories
1 Tbsp of 2% milk cheese = around 20 calories.
Tortilla's range in calories, so read the back.]


Hilda said...

Aw thank you B! You are such a good friend! God bless you always! I'm so grateful to you. :) **big hugs Love ya! :D

That tumeric with milk sounds good for my mom. But we don't have tumeric :( She's taking Robitussin at the moment.


Hilda said...

B, do you have any children and grandchildren? What do they do? Just wondering. :)

I checked out your Zazzle store and saw many things I like! :) If I buy from there, will you get paid? I hope so. :)

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