Thursday, July 19

Mama Kat Prompt Day: Last July's Blog

The Mama Kat Prompt this week is was to "dig up a blog post from last July to share." 
This one comes from my old Bravenet blog, since Choice Morsels isn't that old.
So here it is.
One of July 2011's Posts, featuring a mini opinion quiz:

A few trivia fun triva questions for you to answer:
1) Do you wear nailpolish on your toes? If so, what's your favorite toe polish color?
2) What's the most boring stuff in the news coverage you wish they'd just quit talking about all the time?
3) What's your favorite color to wear?
4) If money were no object and you could go anywhere for a get-away, where would you like to go?
My answers:
 *I have this lime green polish I just LOVE on my toes.
*I wish to stop hearing about the British royals because I simply don't care.
*My favorite color to wear is a purple/lime outfit.
*I'd love to go back to the Shades of Green in Orlando and just spend a 5 days there, relaxing.

On Other Fronts:
*I've accomplished a good amount of writing this week. To say "unpacking" and smoothing out would be a better expression. I never really finished uploading previously posted chapters to the new site.
I feel like Mr. Incredible's wife who calls to tell him she just finally finished upacking all their stufff to which he says,"We've been living there 3 years!"
I've come into a entirely different word processor since then (Open Office), which was a learning curve. It also meant major adjustments in format, but I finally got an old segment that needed unpacking, adjusting and reposting, reposted! (To HJFictionZone)

* Another big task was adding an assortment of free fonts licensed freely for commercial use. (i.e you can use them on stuff not just for personal use, but for sale.) I'm still upzipping those and installing them. (Many are freeware which is totally free use.)This is for working text on various card and t-shirt designs for my Zazzle ideas. Though has some very nice fonts, they are designer fonts belonging to a designer that the disigner has licensed to picnik for people's personal use on photos, photo scrapbooking, blogs, banners, website decor, etc.This is a common limitation for an on-line service, because it doesn't generally access your installed fonts.  ( closed April 2012.)

*Today I've also been working on painting my little garden signs I've constructed out of wood from that palet we got the blocks on several weeks ago. I did the base spray paint of brown the other day and today I'm adding the letter to 2 of them. One says "Butterfly Garden" and the other says "Tea Garden." They're just for decoration.
(I was trained in doing lettering with a paint-brush in graphic art school years ago. Fun to do.)

* I also got a great offer in the mail from Spring Hill Nurseries for a set of 10 different colored daylillies for an amazing price: white, peach, red, white with a purple throat, maroon, lavender, etc. And I always have room for more daylillies and they're a tough landscaping plant. Plus these are re-bloomers, which will give me a long season of repeat blooms.
I guess that's enough for today.


Mary Johnson said...

How fun! Great take on the prompt!

I wish I could pull of lime green on my toes :)

Betsy said...

I also get tired of hearing about the British royals. The coverage they get over here seems odd to me.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

It is fun to go back and revisit old posts!

Hilda said...

Oh I remember the one about lime green painted toe nails. :)

Madeleine said...

I'm a big fan of non-traditional coloured toenails, too - I tend to use turquoise, a lot :)

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