Tuesday, July 17

Polyvore Tuesday: Beauty for Ashes

Welcome Back!
It's raining outside. A local coastal storm. It was sunny before lunch and I was going about the gardens with my watering can, watering pots and tomatoes with miracle-grow.
I also got some good pictures, some of which I'll be using tomorrow.
I needed to run a dye-bath of black for my various black Capri's. It refreshes the color, which fades with washing gradually. And I wanted do bubble my feet in the foot spa and change my toe polish
before I sat down and did this.

Today I have a set I designed for a "logo contest" for a new group called "Beauty from Ashes." It's moderated by the same lady who runs the "Around the World in 80 Sets."  However, the idea of Beauty from Ashes is it's a group for creative expression for people recovery from either physical, emotional or mental illness because "creating art is proven to help the brain in the healing process."
In this set the chose the bridge scene because it's symbolic of a "journey" that any sort of illness and recovery embodies. I chose the ballerina as a symbol of triumph in the journey, of finding that special place of "dancing." The words are things I think important concepts for the journey.
Bridge to Hope
Sometimes You Have to Put Your Foot DownI was the source of a tiny bit of drama in Zumba class at the YMCA  two weeks ago.
Back in October I was going to every Tuesday and Thursday Zumba weekly, but one day, about 30 minutes into the class that was particularly crowded class, when I stepped out of "my spot" to get a gulp of water from my water bottle 10 paces away, a lady walking in late just took "my spot." When I came back, she just said, "Sorry," without even bothering to return the spot to me. She stole my spot with no intention of giving it back. I tried to squeeze in else where, but it was shoulder-to-shoulder full and people kept rebuking me, "no, you can't stand here or there," everywhere I moved, so I walked out, mad as a hornet. The instructor saw it and later apologized to me for that happening.
Still---it put me off from wanting to return any time soon while so many people were coming. Besides, my husband's schedule changed, so we had to switch to Mondays & Fridays anyway.
Only just this month have I decided to commit to returning to the Tuesday Zumba, mostly because it precedes the Yoga class.  But I'm extremely defensive about "my spot" now because of that previous incident and will defend it at all costs.
Two weeks ago, a lady arrived 30 minutes late for Zumba.
Now you have to picture I'm on  the complete opposite side of the room from the doorway. I'm in the farthest back corner with a stack step aerobic risers on my immediate left, an spinning upright fan 18 inches directly behind me and a wooden counter about 18 inches in front of me, which I was having to side-step for every forward movement. Plus there's a lady to my right and another lady adjacent to the fan.
Wouldn't you know it? That late-comer came all the way over to my corner and tries to put herself in the 18 inch space behind me, between me and the fan, when there was a readily available open space in the front row!
I was appalled. This would not do at all and I turned around on her and said, 
"You can't stand here."  Then I pointed toward the spacious front spot and also a wide-enough gap in the middle-back ---two spots that would've easily accommodated her.
She shook her head, refusing to move.
 So, again I said, "Not behind me."
 She picked up her stuff and left.
I thought later, "I suppose I could've moved," but I was too fixated on defending my space from an interloper to think of it. Besides, I think it's the late-comers who ought to adjust and take what's actually open, even if it's in the front.

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