Tuesday, July 24

Polyvore Tuesday: Two Sets For Fun

Welcome to Polyvore Tuesday!

ver feel stressed out? Then this set is for you. I made it for fun. It features Maxine and a set of clothing she might wear!
When You're Stressed Out....

The second set below is also a response to stress, maybe one preferrable to Maxine's.

Those Who Wait...

I dreamt dreams full of the Avengers last night. Two dreams. One was like a deleted ending to a "movie" that featured Ironman strongly. I remember Thor was there. It had to do with a moment of discouragement for the team and Iron Man rallying them back together by something he said. Dreams wane vague once one gets up.
The second dream featured the Avenger actors on the set. Again, I remember Thor there, but he was just Chris Hemsworth. He had the flying lines attached to him and the dream involved some demonstration of how the flying was done.
Sometimes my dreams have a Polyvore slant and I'm shifting objects and squares of color within grid, like I'm creating something.
Also, Zazzle has expanded their shirt line, so more styles!
Be sure and stop by to see what's featured!

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Hilda said...

Awww cute Maxine! LOL, spill tea? hehe!

Wow, that sounds like a fun dreams. It's like you dreamed the continuation. Awesome!

The book is almost done! I'm so excited!! What happens next is that I'm going to get a physical proof (a copy of the book) to review for mistakes and then it will be available for sale. The kindle version though will take more time.

Take care and see ya soon! Have a great week, my friend. :D

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