Tuesday, August 7

Polyvore Tuesday: Contest Sets

Welcome back! I had to wait for a thunder storm to pass before I could come back to the computer this afternoon!
So, I sat and watched "The Goonies" and re-did my toe polish.
There was a split-second power burp in there, but that was all.
Yesterday, rain interrupted my mowing and I had to wind up the new power cord, grab the mower and ran it into the garage.
I took a couple pics from the garage of my front flower beds in the rain for tomorrow's post!
I have 2 polyvore sets to show you today. These are both contest sets.
This one was themed on the Swarovski Emoti crystal figure: Hope.
I used a bunch of watercolor items I found in the Polyvore clip art. The heart represents love; the dove, faith and the emoti is hope.
The Chinese letters spell "hope" also.
This is one of my better artistic efforts.
The Emoti was the prize for this one, but I didn't win.
More Than a Feeling with Swarovski: Hope
The next set is for a Polyvore Contest called, "The Perfect Pair" with the object being to illustrate what you consider the perfect shoe and bag combo. No prize involved.
I picked out the bootie and bag, but just didn't feel like doing a set full of clothing. I have this lady pic in my saved file of Polyvore clip art and use her fairly often in sets. I like the expressive way she's looking over her shoulder and that it looks to be more of a illustration or painting then an actual photograph.
I put an interior of a mansion stair case in the back ground, added a couple potted plants and a chandelier and found this handy pic of Pierce Brosnan to put on the stairs. Ta-da!
I'm pretty happy with the look.
The boot is a Madison Harding shoe---I can only hope she might "like" and promote my set!

Perfect Pair

The Mama Kat prompt for tomorrow will be related to chocolate--my favorite topic!

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