Tuesday, August 28

Polyvore Tuesday!: Diamonds & Cats

Well, it's a bright sunny day outside with gusts of wind right now!  A bit muggy, but gorgeous!
There was a bit of rain around 7 a.m. There will be another round of rain several hours from now, maybe this evening as a result of another rain-bearing feeder-ban passing over our region.
On the infrared map, that ban is only a bluish-green color, meaing rain will be light to moderate.
Hopefully Isaac will be a boon for the Midwest where it has been so dry.
Isaac, by the way, means, "he who laughs."
I don't think that an appropriate name for a hurricane.
The people who pick out these names must be either sadistic or none too bright not to consider that. 

My Polyvore set for today is from a contest called, "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," and I did a set themed on chocolate diamonds.
(Since I collect chocolate, it seemed appropriate.)
It came out pretty nice. That picture of the lady laying on strawberries came from the Hershey Spa in Pennsylvania, where they have "chocolate" spa packages."
I didn't win, but I thought 2 of the ones they picked really good.
I get tired of the Polyvore people just picking that are perfectly square arranged on top of magazine print. So boring. But these were of more original shapes and styles.

Flavor Your Wardrobe!

As for "Cats": my second photo today is a sweet picture of my husband taking a nap with our cat, Sunni, napping with him, draped over his hip napping.
Even if she's asleep in another room, I swear she can hear the sound of "a body hitting the sofa," and comes running out to see who is and lay on one of us.
Usually she goes, where we goes. When we go to bed, she goes to bed. When we're in the computer room, she's in the computer room.
When I lay on the couch, she usually lays on my chest---at least for 10 or 15 minutes to get an ear rub and a cuddle.
She is daily the best and sweetest companion.

I'm also pleased to report I posted my first Zazzle Tie today!
It's a novelty tie with the Before Coffee-After Coffee faces on the end!
Most of tie is a light milk-chocolate tan until you get to the end,which is a dark chocolate brown to show off the purple and yellow faces better. The tan had coffee"drips" at the division between tan and dark brown, above the faces.
It's a pretty good design.
If worn with a buttoned suit jacket, the end with the faces would be concealed, so it would look like a simple a tan tie---but what a surprise underneath!

Great for the"casual or fun Friday" at the office!


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Hilda said...

That is so cute!!

Cool, a tie? Awesome, congrats! :)

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