Tuesday, August 14

Polyvore Tuesday: Swarovski Emoti Contests

Welcome back!
It is raining again this morning---good thing I did mow yesterday! It's the just quick storm. The rain has already stopped after 20 minutes. Some percentage is predicted daily, but it that is normal for the Gulf coast this time of year!

My friend Hilda's book, The Invisible Spy, is published! I'll be posting the Amazon link in about a week, as soon as it's out! Exciting for her!

The Polyvore  sets are 2 current contests featuring Swarovski Crystal Emoti's:

\The first one below, features had to reflect "things that energize me" and the energy Emoti.
I got a notice yesterday that it had been promoted to the "Top Set" mainpage and now I'm getting tons of hits!  But they come in waves, so I think Swarovski is rotating it with a some other sets and it's other sets I've only seen. Still, quite exciting!
Also, see that cross necklace---that's by a designer called "Angel Court Jewelry." I love that necklace and I use it often in sets to represent my faith. Also other things by them, earrings and such.
So Angel Court has been liking all the sets I use their jewelry in; in fact they put together a whole "collection" of sets in a single collection folder that including this and several of my other sets.
I do like their jewelry and have an extensive collection on in my Polyvore clip art file, so I don't have to go look for it.The elements of this set that "energize me" reflect art, creativity, gardening, photographing the flowers I grow, my relationship with my husband and my faith. Oh, yeah---and coffee!
I really like doing non-fashion.

More Than a Feeling with Swarovski: Energy

The next set is a contest featuring the bunny-shaped Swarovski crystal "Curiosity Emoti." (It's down in the grass where the children are bent looking at the ground.)
My theme was "childish curiosity" and I found all these pics right in Polyvore. I added the butterfly to the little girl's hands and added the grass and flowers around the 2 children looking at the ground.
I also added some "fashion curiosity's," too, like the butterfly shoe, beautiful rose clutch and charm earrings.
A lot of my friend-followers like this one!

More Than a Feeling with Swarovski: Curiosity

I like the contests because they challenge my creativity and doing a Polyvore set is a bit of playful fun for me. It's often how I reward myself after working on designs for my Zazzle store. My goal for the store is to reach 100 products. I'm at 96 right now. Close.
My most recent design is an outline of an candlestick antique phone filled with colorful flower stamps. It's a skin for 4G phones. I should get a 3G version up this week.
The thing about cell skin designs is every cell brand is unique as to size, shape and where the camera eye is, so it's actually up to the buyer to do the final positioning of the design.  There are "customizing buttons" to the right of the product pic to do so with: up, down, left, right, center or shrink or enlarge. 

It works easiest to use the design view (tab above product).

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