Sunday, September 2

My New Autumn Stamp Design!

Yes, my newest design!
I've decided to do a set of 4 seasonal stamps I will introduce gradually. Next one will be "Winter."

First up: Autumn!

Did you know the U.S. Post Office sells Zazzle Stamps on their website? Surprised? Me, too. 
They're on their menu under  "Buy Custom Stamps".
Currently, they're featuring various autumn themed stamps.
However, they cost more there: $21.95 per sheet of 20 plus S&H.

They cost less if you buy them directly from my store.

The Autumn Tree Custom Postage below
is just $19.55 for a sheet of 20 + shipping.
(But there is always a sale running for something in Zazzle--just look at the top of page when you visit my store!)

This is the smallest size postage stamp--which is closest in size to a routine Forever stamp---which is a feature I like!

So, if you looking for something unqiue for fall and like the convenience of stamps delivered right to your doorstep--then this is for you!

Autumn Tree Custom Postage from

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