Monday, September 24

Good Eating Monday: Rosemary!

Rosemary is one of the easiest, most carefree herbs to grow.
The common upright variety does grow into a fairly large shrub, so you'll want to plant it appropriately---whether in an in-ground location with room for a 4-5 foot wide shrub or a fairly large pot.
 It makes an excellent landscape shrub that is hardy in most zones.
 There are a couple different varieties: the upright shrub and a low-growing ground-cover type. The upright has the longer, more pungent leaves. It does have a pretty bloom.
Upright shrub type Rosemary
Health-wise, rosemary is a super antioxidant!
It's good for your skin, liver, bloodflow and apparently the scent can enhance thinking and memory as well as lower stress.
Feeling stressed? Add a sprig to your steamy bathwater and take a long soak!
Most noteably, rosemary kills HCA's, so ideally you should give any meat you plan to grill, broil, fry or smoke a generous sprinkle.
I've read you can snip some sprigs and put them on the grill under the meat---though I've never tried it.
I snip rosemary into my marinade, so the oils get into the marinade as well as leaf bits on the meat.
HCA's are the toxic chemical that results from the break-down of molecules in meat cooked at very high temps that are readily absorbed by the body considered cancerous. Bear in mind the HCA connection to cancer is still under study and debate.
Still, it can't hurt to add a little rosemary to anything you're grilling, frying, smoking or broiling to eliminate them!
(Baking meats in an oven doesn't cause HCA's.)
[cited from "Healing Spices" by Bharat B. Aggarwal]
Rosemary works well either dried or fresh. It retains it's oils even in dried form.
How to Use:Rosemary is fantastic with anything having to do with chicken or turkey: roasted, soups or casseroles.
Shake some into any soup or stew.
Rub it on any meat you plan to roast, grill, boil or fry.
Add rosemary to strong flavored veggies like cabbage, brussel sprouts or eggplant.
I love rosemary on potatoes: add it to oven-roasted root veggies or  try it on hash browns.
You can add rosemary to biscuits and here's a link for a sample recipe:
Here's my favorite "Poor Boy Rosemary Potatoes" Recipe
(A "poor boy" is anything wrapped in foil and cooked on the grill or campfire.)
You'll need:
Heavy Foil
Oil Spray

Red Potatoes
Sea Salt & Pepper
Green Onions (optional)
Either fresh or dried Rosemary
Fleischmann's Made With Olive Oil & Sea Salt Margarine (I've tried other, but this one works best)

* Tear off a sheet of heavy foil for you potato packet; one for every person eating. Spray the first one with oil spray.
* Slice red potato very thinly and layer into center of foil. (How many red potatoes you use depends on the size of potatoes and the size of serving you desire.)
* Snip one green onion up over top of potato, if using.
* Snip or shake desired amount of Rosemary over top.
* Add salt & pepper to taste.
* Add 1 Tablespoon of Fleischmann's Olive Oil Margarine, divided into 2 or 3 parts over top of potatoes.
* Now fold up, but not too tightly and seal edges to form packet 
* Repeat directions until you've made all packets desired.
* Put on grill at low. They need 20 to 25 minutes cook time. (Exact timing may depend on your grill & practice.) Since we do only 2 packets, we put ours on 10 minutes before the meat goes on, so the potatoes are done by the time the meat is done. 

To serve, you carefully open packet and scape potatoes out onto your plate.
I like them best when some of the bottom potatoes are crispy brown.
Eat up, me hearties, yo-ho!

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