Tuesday, September 4

Polyvore Tuesday: Bill & Ted/Venice

Welcome back! Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day with a light cool breeze! Perfect day for a swim park!
Today it's raining. :(

The first Polyvore set up today is one I designed just for fun!Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is one of our all time favorite movies!
The outfit is a girl's version of Ted's style of dress.
My favorite background characters are Socrates and Billy the Kid, who become best buddies in the course of movie.
My husband likes to use the expression, "Dude." He gives it different intonations. He says," you can just say so much with that one word."

Be Excellent to Each Other

The next featured set is themed on Venice, Italy for the "Around the World in 80 Sets" Group contest!
The clothing choices reflect my own tastes: in winter I wear jeans, jackets, a turtle neck often, and slip-on clog-style shoes. I wear scarves instead of necklaces a lot, then, too.
I also love orange roses. I had a chance to see many colors when I worked at that flower shop, but orange or orange-yellow combinations were my favorites!
This set may have a travel theme, but I personally don't like to travel. I hate living out of suitcases and moving about all the time.

When I was a kid in the 60's "hiking through Europe," was the "in thing."  So I had a fantasy idea that visiting Europe was something I wanted to do. Well, on my way back from an Air Force assignment in Turkey, I did do a bit of travel in Europe. I did try out the dream. As a result, I realized, "Nope, this isn't for me."
It wasn't something I ever wanted to do again.

Classy & Fabulous: Venice
 Tomorrow I have some Garden Pics of the Day and Thursday is Mama Kat Prompt Day! The prompt I'm considering for this week is: "a time I was scolded as an adult."
Boy, does that bring up some bad memories!

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