Tuesday, September 25

Polyvore Tuesday: Fantasy

Greetings! Welcome back to my cheerful place!
I really try to make it so, in a world full of depressing news.

Today's Polyvore set was one I designed for a Group Contest by Angel Court Jewels, which is a small jewelry business.No prizes involved. Just fun.
They had a new line of jewelry called "Phoenix" and the set contest involving using that line in the sets.
So, the set below was my entry. It didn't win, but I really like the other-worldly look of it.
I really like a touch of fantasy to my sets. I found myself trying too hard to do "status quo" fashion sets that had more of a magazine page feel, because those tend to be the things judges pick to win, but the effort has just being drying up my sense of my inspiration.
I felt much better after I did this one. So much more "me."
Though, right now, with so much creativity going toward prepping for Christmas in my store, I'm doing less Polyvore sets.
Turquoise & The Sea
Come back tomorrow for Garden Pic Wednesday!

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