Tuesday, September 11

Polyvore Tuesday: India Missions

I'm a bit slow getting to posting today. I went to deep water aerobics this morning, then worked outside a bit. Exactly what I was doing I'll explain tomorrow.
However, yesterday morning at the Y, we were talking with one of the regular water aerobics ladies I see weekly while in the hot tub and she was telling us about her recipe for Spritz cookies she got from her mother. She's an older lady, Jewish by heritage. She explained the secret to the dough was using either pineapple or orange juice. It sounded fabulous and can be used for more then just cookies, so I asked if I might have a copy. I wasn't expecting to see her today and didn't even know for sure I was going until I went. As it turned out, she was there and brought the recipe. Not just that cookie dough recipe, but also a classic kosher slaw recipe using vinegar instead of mayo. I've been dying to have a good vinegar slaw recipe ever since we had this fabulous vinegar slaw at the House of Blues in Orlando.
So, I'm delighted to have the 2 recipes and she was delighted to share them.
I love a good vintage hand-me-down recipe!
In due time I'm sure they'll probably find their way to the Good Eating post after I try them.
Today's Polyvore set picture has a Christian Mission theme for the country of India. Something related to India is the group contest theme for "Around the World in 80 Sets."
It was the only topic I felt inspired to do for this theme.
India Missions

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