Tuesday, September 18

Polyvore Tuesday: Runway to Realway

Welcome back!
Tuesdays are the day I put some creative Polyvore set I've put together either for a contest or for fun.
Today's set is for an official Polyvore contest that involves prizes. Something like 10 designers are giving away small things like earrings and such as prizes.
I've actually entered 3, though I like this one best. The contest theme was to show how a designer fashion could be worn in the real world. My theme for this set was creating an inexpensive version similar in look and feel to the pricey designer style. So the designer dress is the one on the runway model in the picture: a yellow dress with a green print, green heels and a fabric flower on the bodice.
My more realistic version of that outfit is also a yellow print sundress topped with a green silk shrug that was pretty flower rosettes, green heels, a black bow clutch and to match the black print on the dress that reminds me of butterflies, "butterfly wing" hoop earrings, and a butterfly necklace. The items I selected range in price from $79 to $15 dollars  for an outfit total of $302.
This is, of course, compared to the high price tag of a designer fashion, which typically runs into the $1000's.
Then I added some decorative touches to polish it off and pick up the yellow and the butterfly theme.
The contest is still in judging mode.

The Affordable Realway
Tomorrow I'll have a fall flower picture for Garden Wednesday plus a report on my anti-mole cricket campaign and, on
Thursday, a Mama Kat prompt.

Recent Zazzle Additions:
I added a fun "Find the Cheese" Maze Game Mouse pad recently, which is a maze featuring a "computer mouse" you must "guide" thru the maze to the "plate of cheese" at the bottom! Cute, eh?
It took me 3 days to "draw" that computer mouse and the cheese and put it together.
(by "draw" I mean using my graphic programs shapes & brushes to do draw & color with!)

I also just posted a pretty Christian t-shirt that's in shades of teal featuring a butterfly with the scripture John 11: 25 &26 written out inside it in a distressed type-font that is on a background of tealish gerbers.
These gerbers are, of course, photo-shopped to shades of teal, but photo-shopped from an original photo of one of my own garden gerbers.

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Hilda said...

That's awesome! :)

Ooh I love that set. It's so beautiful! I hope you win. Good luck! :D

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