Wednesday, September 19

Wednesday Garden Pics: Autumn

I have good news about the Mole Cricket battle---it's at least in general finished. At this point, I'm letting the pesticide products do their work.

I really don't prefer to use pesticide on my yard and generally don't need to, but as it turns out, not only did I have the cricket problem in front, I had a flock of web-worm moths flying out of the grass in back. Luckily, the same pesticide works on those, too.
My real concern about the mole crickets really isn't "pretty" grass; it's water shed control. By mole crickets eating the grass roots, the grass dies, turning the effected area to dirt, then it rains, and since I live in Florida where it rains a lot and have sandy soil, the rain water has nothing to hold it or slow it down, so it absorbs. Instead it pours across the soil unrestrained.
So, for me, managing the rain water is the main issue.
I really care little for nice looking grass. It's tedium to mow, which is why I have so many flower beds to replace it and have plans to expand some beds---less grass.

Okay, today's Garden Pics of the Day are my new squirrel resistant bird feeder and an autumn flower shot!

First the new feeder:
I've been wanting this particular feeder from my local Ace Hardware for a couple years, but have procrastinated---until I got their recent point rewards of $5 in the mail. I made up my mind then I wanted to spend it on that feeder.
So here it is. No visitors yet, but I have many small birds, but I get house finches and pine sparrows in the fall who I think will enjoy it.

Next a nice bit of fall scenery: marigolds & garlic chives! 
The chives haven't attracted the usual horde of insect visitors, but I it's been a wet year and that effects the insects.

I'm presently working on some calender designs: I can say one I'm currently prepping will be all day lilies--based on personal photos of the my many beautiful garden specimens!
(Remember I purchased an assorted color mix last fall just for photos!)
  However, they will not be simply plain ol' photos slapped on a calender.
I always ask myself when I'm working on design projects: "How can I make this unique? How can I put put a sense of "design" into this? How can I raise the bar?"

I should have it ready for posting by mid-October at latest--so stayed turned for your 2013 calender shopping!

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