Wednesday, October 24

Garden Pic Wednesday: Florida Fall

Here in Florida, fall color in my garden seems comprised of a lot of pink and lavender with some rust-colored marigolds thrown in for good measure.
I took this photo just this past week: these are Vincas in front of a mass of gone-to-wild spider plants thriving beneath my Japanese Privet shrubs on the corner in front of my garage.
Vincas range in color from white to various shades of pink. They are prolific self-seeders and seedlings pop-up continuously from late spring thru summer and they'll bloom until frost.
I bought a set one time from a nursery years ago and haven't bought any since. They're a great space filler flower in the garden!

There's also my pink Million Bells, below. They'll bloom till frost, then the plant will go into a rest/growth cycle for the winter, though it remains green.
And finally, a nice late day shot of my Chocolate Elephant Ears in the back corner of my lot.
It's called "Chocolate" because of it's dusky purplish color. Since I collect chocolate
I had to have one.
 I like it because it isn't just green. So much green here, it's nice to break it up with a little color in the garden.
Elephant Ears don't like  cold, so they do die back, but return every spring!
That's it for today!

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