Wednesday, October 31

Garden Pic Wednesday: Shamrocks & Broccoli!

It's picture day again!
Things are warming up this week, though we weren't unaffected by Sandy--despite being hundreds of miles from the coast. This past Sunday we could feel the low pressure from it. My husband and I both felt like we were wearing an invisible "hat" of pressure around our heads all day, giving us both slight headaches.  
I feel bad for New York and New Jersey. That was an especially rough storm and they're not even remotely accustomed to such things.
Unfortunately, we live on a planet that has---weather!
But onwards and upwards...
For Garden pics I have a couple of nice shots to show you.  
First a recent pretty one my rust colored Dwarf Marigolds surrounded by Shamrocks, which happened to decide to bloom again now. (Shamrocks are the cute pink flowers.)
Most years they just bloom in spring. I don't know what got in their heads this year!
I transplanted this particular smattering of Shamrocks from the original patch that somehow "magically" planted itself over by my Gardenia years ago.
 But Shamrocks are supposed to have a magical bit of luck about them, aren't they?
Next, a shot of one of my healthy broccoli plants I planted in my strawberry bed next to the house. Here, I can care for them better and see when a head is ready for harvest, since I can see this bed as we enter the house.
Broccoli is a great fall garden crop that really thrives in the deep south winter weather. It will tough out even a hard frost and, because it is cold, no insect pests!!
I have 9 broccoli. (That's how many come in one tray.)
 My other winter crop is Green Onions, which I grow in a large planter and Cilantro, also in a planter. It self-plants in spring, but doesn't generally sprout till this time of year, when it's cool.
What can I say? It likes the cold.
So, naturally, I do lots of Mexican recipes during the winter!

Things on my agenda today are carving the pumpkin to set out near the door for visitors I hope I'll have tonight for Halloween and working my Critter Calender. I prepped the pictures yesterday!

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