Thursday, October 25

Mama Kat Blog Prompt Thursday: A 12 Line Post

So, with title counting as 1 and this intro as 1, here's 10 funny comments people made about the discovery of that so-called Diamond Planet:


 #1) I hear it's imaginary inhabitants are to be known as blingons!

#2) I went there in the 60's with a girl named Lucy!
#3) Let's keep looking for Unobtanium---it's worth more!

#4) My wife is making me pack, we're heading to NASA tomorrow!

#5) Breaking News: NASA no longer has any funding issues as women everywhere are donating half their salary to them!

#6) Next they'll find a planet with a floating McDonalds selling unlimited chicken nuggets.
 #7) I will go there first and sell it to people on Earth.

#8) Maybe we can also find sapphire, emerald and amethyst planets!
#9)  I'm only interested in finding a planet full of oil.

#10)  Yeah, that's mine---I bought it a long time ago in the "Own A Star" program!


May said...

My favorite...the blingons! Fantastic.

Jerralea said...

Funny! I especially like the blingons one!

Raine said...

haha I always wanted to buy a star. Now I'm regretting not doing it :)

Mimi B said...

Ooooo I'd take a Ruby planet thank you very much! lol Your creativity with this prompt was fun! Stopping by from Mama Kat's

OneMommy said...

Love the one about selling it to earth...

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