Tuesday, October 9

Polyvore Tuesday: China!

Welcome back!
Since Monday was Columbus Day and a day off, we were gone most of the day, so no Good Eating post!
This past Saturday we drove down to Panama City Beach to meet up with a friend, who been inviting us to come for a long time, at Pier Park which is a very nice food & shopping commons.
He met us for lunch, then said, "he had to take the car we was using back to his cousin and that'd he'd be back,"---but never did come back.
Even so, Pier Park was full of festivities! It was their annual "High Seas Pirate Festival" and tons of people were dressed as pirates, including more then one Jack Sparrow. There were parades and costume contests and fireworks after dark! Jack Sparrow apparently "captured" the town's mayor, who rode her down the road in cage, then "negotiated" her released in exchange for the town key.
He was a fair impersonator, too. Had Jack's walk and gestures down pretty good.
I had no idea they had this yearly event! But I'm going to remember--and next Columbus Day I'd like to dress up in our pirate attire and join the fun!

Today's Polyvore set is for my "Around the World in 80 Sets" group contest featuring "China" as the theme!I did more a fantasy design by taking the basic picture here and adding all the extra flowers, butterflies,  birds, fans and shoes to it!
I love how it came out!
Butterfly & Flower Woman

Butterfly & Flower Woman by madamdreamweaver

I've been working hard on some Christmas stamp designs!
I loaded them today, but they have to go through an approval process before they're available for sale.
But once approved, I'll be putting the whole selection up here and at my BevStuff website and in the featured section of my Zazzle store.

I've done several white poinsettia stamp designs, a Christmas cactus  blossom stamp, a font design of "Merry" & "Christmas" in red & green and a snowman/snowflake themed "Winter" stamp.
So be looking!

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