Tuesday, October 16

Polyvore Tuesday: Never Look Back

Since I'm planning on going to "Cardio Blast" tomorrow morning, today was "mowing up leaves" day. I also split off Siberian Iris sections and moved root segments around to blank spots in the row the occupy in my front bed, where I'd like them to fill in. 
I've also had a rash of Box Turtle sightings this past week and walked around taking pictures today, looking for good "fall photos" amongst what I have. I have pink & white Vincas blooming and pink shamrocks blooming---not exactly what one imagines for fall color!
You'll want to come back tomorrow for turtle and flower pics!

On to the Polyvore Set of the Day!
The set I selected today features my favorite quote by "Edna" on the movie The Incredibles:
"I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now."
It's just a set I did for fun, but based on a challenge to make use of the novelty purse. It's an odd olive color, but I found this model and really cool pair of shoes of similar color to go with it. The man in the background leaning on the James Bond car is, of course, Sean Connery.

I never look back

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