Tuesday, October 23

Polyvore Tuesday: Orange & Black

Yesterday's blog had an all-time high of 93 visitors! Not quite sure why. Was it a sudden fascination with lemon cake? Was it the word "vintage?"
Today is yard-work day, since I'm doing Cardio Blast Mon & Wed  and Deep-Water Aerobics on Thurs (as long as there is no thunderstorm going on---they shut down the pool!)
I need to put out my electric Jack o'Lantern in the front bed and bring in my houseplants.

They spend all summer on the north side of the house getting lush, just so they can barely survive my care inside for 3 months until they can go back out! LOL.
My Wandering Jew plant spends the winter as mere stems in a vase of water, growing roots for a replant in spring. It's a trick I learned from my Mother, who does the same yearly, which works out better since, you know if you've ever had one, this particular houseplant thins out to nothing in the middle anyway.
Today's Polyvore set was for a general contest themed on seasonal colors: orange & black and this is what I put together!

Tomorrow I'll have some nice fall garden pics and for Mama Kat Thursday will be doing the "12 line blog post" challenge!
So do come back!

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