Wednesday, October 3

Wednesday Garden Pics: Fall Flowers

 Fall is here! I can feel it cooling down already!
I did some mowing today and yesterday--probably getting close to last mow of the season, though I have a couple messy trees in front I like to use the mower as a "vacuum" on.
Today's Garden Pics include one of some new autumn flowers I recently purchased for my flower beds and one of  local seasonal landscaping.
First photo below is of my recent additions: a red Gerbera Daisy & some purple button mums. The mums were 98 cents each and so cute! Here in north Florida I usually get a spring and winter bloom out of mums. Currently, I only have yellow buttons, white daisy mums and one straggly bronze pin-cushion.
 I thought a touch of purple would round it out!
In Gerbers, I currently have a multi-tude of dark, light pinks and  yellow, so I wanted to add a red. Gerbers a member of the sunflower family; not actually daisies.
My dark pink gerbers bloom through-out winter usually; some die back and return in spring. They regular feeding with fertilizer to perform well and can be divided every few years.
This second photo is from a shopping plaza in Destin that illustrates typical local landscaping around malls and so on.
These orange, leafy plants are crotons, which are a type of tropical houseplant. They will freeze and are generally removed from landscape areas at that point, but I've seen them thrive season after season planted outside a house--if they're planted in a sheltered spot with plenty of sun.
I have spider-plants and a dracena house plant all enjoying life "in the wild" in my home landscape. The spiders are a plain green type and have been living in various shady areas of my flower beds and under shrubbery for more then 15 years.
 One self-planted out by the A/C unit and that was it. From that single source have come dozens of generations that I moved to all sorts of spots!
In an earlier post, I  mentioned battling an infestation of mole crickets I was havaing by using lemon dish detergent in buckets of water, which drives them out of the ground to kill.
 (Occasionally, I still see a trail I treat with a sudsy dump of water, though I don't have the infestation I did a few weeks ago.)
Well, my husband said a funny thing about that.
He said, "At least we have the cleanest yard in the neighborhood!"

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