Friday, November 23

A Bit of Weekend Humor From the News!

According to a report from ABC News, scientists recently checked out a island they hadn't heard of listed on maps and on Google. The phantom island, identified as "Sandy," was shown as being in the South Pacific, somewhere between Australia and French New Caledonia. Apparently it's been on maps and charts for 116 years.. However, when they sailed to the location, they found nothing. No island. Just deep blue sea---really deep. Over 4600 feet. They made note of it for future navigational map corrections and mapped the ocean floor in the region.

What's really funny are the Yahoo user comments on this story!  Sit back and have a snicker:

* Roger that, Team Alpha, we were able to float our fake island base to another location, 50 nautical miles to the NW.

* Dr. Evil's new lair.

* This island is really a Martian space ship.

* Fred stole it.

* You have just entered...the twilight zone!

Tell that to Gilligan and Mary Ann.

*  Dang, I haven't been this bummed out over an island, since "Lost" ended.

Bummer. I was planning to move there for the Apocalypse.

I had to pay quite a bit to get my island unlisted.

Submersible secret Illuminati base that is rarely ever seen. The Google Earth incident has been dealt with.

*  Congress is not really where we think they are either...

Whatever you do, please don't tell China and Japan about this island.

Now we know where Jurassic Park is located. They had to lie about where it is to keep the tourists away.

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