Tuesday, November 13

Polyvore Tuesday: Men of the Arrow!

Polyvore is a creative medium. It is a little more like a photo shop, where you can crop, cut-out & layer pictures, effects, frames, lettering and all sorts of things. Some people do fashion, some do interior design, some do art. I lean more to the artistic. 

So, with that in mind, today's sets are themed on two arrow-slinging heroes from two different comic book companies: Hawkeye, played byJeremy Renner on the "The Avengers" & "Thor" series of films, and the new TV series,"The Arrow," starring Stephen Amell, currently airing the CW onWednesday nights.

First up is a combo contrast set depicting both:
One outside the law, one inside the law; one a vigilante, the other a S.H.I.E.D agent.

Men of the Arrow

Men of the Arrow by madamdreamweaver on Polyvore

Then I did sets show-casing each hero individually:

No One Can Know My Secret...

Shadow of the Hawk

I'm quite pleased with how these came out and with all my recent hero sets. I find doing them more fun then doing mere
fashion froo-froo.
Enjoy and have a great day!

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