Monday, November 5

Polyvore Tuesday: Star Wars Laughs & Hawkeye

Did you hear George Lucas sold his entire Star Wars franchise to Disney? 
 And Disney is planning on continuing the Star Wars series.
I love collecting the witty comments people post on news bits like this, so here's some hilarious ones related to this purchase of

Lucasfilms Ltd. by Disney:

*   I felt a great disturbance in the force earlier this is what it was."

*  A Star Wars park at Disney World! Woo Hoo!!

*  And Donald Duck cried out "I'm your father, Minnie"!

*   Lucas ran all the way to the bank in under 12 parsecs I bet.

*   Look on the bright side, Lucasfilms could have merged with Lego land.

*  I feel billions of dollars crying out in pain!


The Polyvore Set I have today is themed on Hawkeye, portrayed by Jeremy Renner, from The Avengers film.
I've done a whole series of sets on various Avenger characters and this is just the first one.
It's called "Shadow of the Hawk."

Shadow of the Hawk by madamdreamweaver on Polyvore

If you click on the "madamdreamweaver" link above, you can peruse all of them!
There's a good combo one of The Arrow & Hawkeye that's very nice, too!


Tomorrow is Garden Pic Day and on Thursday I'll be sharing a "most embarrassing moment!"  Those are always fun!
So, do come back!

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