Thursday, December 20

Mama Kat Prompt Thursday: Holiday Beauty

 For the Mama Kat Blog Prompt Challenge today I'm doing a combo of 2 suggestions:
 Share a Fun Holiday Outfit You'd Like to Wear if You Had Somewhere to Wear it
Share a Favorite Christmas Memory
First, the Holiday Outfit:
Using Polyvore, I created this Christmas outfit set that, in a fantasy world, I'd love to wear!
This sequin jacket, calf length velvet skirt and shell top, these cute ankle boots (since we're pretending here), sparkly necklace and sparkly clip earrings and the sequin clutch!
I don't own anything with sequins currently, but I keep eyeing the sequined apparel in my Roaman's catalog---eventually I'll settle on something I like well enough to buy!

Christmas Sparkle

Christmas Sparkle by madamdreamweaver

Concerning my favorite Christmas memory...
That would be the various hand-made wooden creations my Dad built for my sister and I, such chest in the photo!
Over a series of Christmas mornings, he built a unique wooden box for each of us, suitable for either jewelry or sewing supplies, but the year he made these hope chests, he made 3 at once and had all 3 in the living room waiting for us on Christmas morning one year!
Mine spent many years working as a storage unit in a closet until I decided to pull it out and refinish it for service as a coffee table about 10 years ago.
It's got a good interior storage space and a removable top drawer  insert that can be lifted out. It presently houses extra blankets.
Hope your Christmas is full of unexpected surprises!
Next week, since it's Christmas, I'll be taking Tuesday off, so no Polyvore Tues. post!
I will do Good Eating Monday and the rest of the week normally.
I have a post concerning that mysterious journal addressed to Indiana Jones that the University of Chicago received and the funny comments that engendered to post sometime this weekend, so stay tuned!


miriamgomberg said...

You should definitely wear an outfit like that sometime. Sequined pieces can be found practically everywhere and you don't need to wait for a special occasion to wear it.

Happy holidays!

Julia Hunter said...

I love that your dad made chests for you, that is such a wonderful gift. I've always wanted that sort of thing, though if the hubs or my dad attempted to make that it would be a disaster and take years they are not handy at all.

SouthMainMuse said...

How neat that your father made your gifts each year. I feel like that is lost in today's rush to buy the latest "it" toy or gadget. I don't think my children could name one gift they got from last year. This chest was a treasure that you have always kept (and probably means more to you as the years go by.)

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