Tuesday, December 18

Polyvore Tuesday: Christmas In A Bottle

Welcome back!
Today's Polyvore set I put together is a scenic Christmas scene inside a bottle!
Just a seasonal pretty!
Being Florida I don't get much in the way of snow---though, technically, it can snow here on the Panhandle, if conditions are just right and you know conditions have to be "just so" anywhere for snowflakes to form!
 For example, on a Christmas Eve many years ago, huge snowflakes fell here for about 30 minutes. That was cool and, of course, we saw everyone standing around outside with their tongues stuck out, trying to catch a one! 
(It couldn't accumulate, though. Ground isn't cold enough.) 
Another time in 2007 at 10 a.m. Christmas morning we had a sudden hail that lasted 45 minutes or so that covered the ground and roofs thickly enough with tiny ice balls it gave everything the look of a light snow!
And being ice, it lasted a couple days in shady roof grooves.
It was amazing!
So, you see, I am really dreaming of a white Christmas...

I'm Dreaming of A White Christmas
Tomorrow a garden pic---because I still have a few things in bloom!
And Thursday, a Mama Kat Prompt!

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