Wednesday, January 30

Garden Pic Wednesday: Four O'Clocks

Greetings!  Got going a little late on this.
But the Garden Pics of the Day are a couple pics from my seed catalog that I've just sent in an order for.
These are both an annual flower called "Four O'Clocks," which are called that because they bloom about that time of day.

The first photo is of Lime Four O'clocks:
I like want these because of the light color, which will help break up the totality of bland green color that makes up my landscape. I love anything different looking and I'm tired of a million pink and white Vincas.
They're easy to grow and h
opefully will do well.
Planting stuff around here is sometimes a little like spittin' into the wind, because Florida is so tough when it comes to gardening:
pour sandy soil & either too wet or too dry.
The second photo is a Four O'Clock called "Broken Colors."
According to the catalong, this particular color was:
 "once thought lost to horticulture,'s been rediscovered."
It looks so cool I had to try some.
Both will make full, 24-36 inch tall plants for my sunny areas!
40 seeds per pack!
That's what's up in the garden this week!
Next week, more pics of what's blooming now!
I can't wait to photograph the Sea Holly, which is coming along nicely! I can't believe it's coming to bloom so early!

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