Thursday, January 10

Mama Kat Prompt Thursday: Top 2012 Faves

The Mama Kat Prompt for this weeks is:
"A Look Back at My Personal Favorite Highlights of 2012!
(Since I don't follow Tweets or Instagram and haven't been to a single noteworthy conference, I had to modify the template to what suits me!)
#1)    Favorite 2012 Movie: The Avengers, by far.
#2)    Favorite Album: Mannheim Steamrollers "Halloween."  I love Mannheim and I like a nice CD in my car, but otherwise I don't really listen to music. So, no fav songs.
#3)   Favorite New 2012 TV Show: The Arrow.
#4)    Favorite Blog: Polyvore.Com. What a great place to simply be creative!
#5)    Favorite New Hobby: Beading! I took a class last fall to learn how to make jewelry, since I have lots of necklaces and pieces and parts that could be either fixed or re-made. I didn't get around to using this new hobby until this past week and here's a photo of what I made:

 The turquoise necklace is an old one that just needed gold spacing beads replaced. The silver, however, is made from scratch.

#6)   Favorite Viral Video: "I'm A Daddy and I Know It." I saw this featured on a morning news program and thought it such a hoot!

#7)    Favorite Achievement: Seeing several things I designed sell before Christmas!

#8)    Favorite Moment: Winning a Polyvore Converse contest and getting a free pair of shoes!

#9)    Favorite New Recipe: Lo-Fat Cheese and Sausage Muffins, an original recipe I created!

#10)  Favorite Christmas Gift: The soft and fuzzy velour bathrobe my husband got me!


Natteringnic said...

Um. Yes please on the low-fat cheese n' sausage muffins! I just pinned it!

Flora said...

Beautiful beading especially the turquoise

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