Tuesday, January 22

Polyvore Tuesday: Adidas Contest Sets

Greetings! Welcome back to another new week in January!
I've taken great interest in Polyvore's current official prize-bearing contest sponsored by Adidas and featuring their new NEO line. Selena Gomez is their rep for the line and so a pic of her generally features prominently in all sets.
The prize this time is getting your set selected for use as part of the decor for the Adidas NEO Runway show.

50 will be chosen, 30 of those will make the final cut for use.
There are 1000's upon 1000's of entries. But over half will probably be eliminated for consideration right away because they're just a collection of clothing and pics thrown up on a white space in a disjointed manner. Winning sets Polyvore picks generally are cohesive in design and I expect brand representation will rate high, too, since they will be decorating the runway.
So, I've done a bunch of sets, all different styles. I try every idea, --because, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you never know what someone will like.
I won a contest last year out of ton's of 1000's, so it can be done.

So today I have 2 contest sets to show you.

 I've made around 20 so far and, if you click the "madamdreamweaver" link under the set, you can travel to Polyvore and see them all.
Certain items are provided by Adidas and 3 must be used in each set to qualify.

You Rock

So there you are: a rectangle, a vertical and a round style design.
Doing contest entries has taken up my recent time, however I did manage to put a new "Eclectic Coffee Cup Art Tie" up in my Zazzle store. It reflects the same coffee cup design as the plates.

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