Tuesday, January 15

Polyvore Tuesday: Capt America & Nick Fury

Greetings & welcome!
I've had some graphic design stuff on my plate this week:
 I did a couple of Christmas card designs for a current Hallmark Contest. They're doing something in conjunction with UNICEF, so the designs had to be generic about peace, unity or general warmth of the season.
 I entered a couple of, what I think, were pretty good graphic designs--but the competition level is massive.
Luckily, it wasn't limited to just photographs this time, but illustration was included and, best of all, the card messages, which you have to write as well for each entry, didn't have to be either witty or risque.
It's weird to have to say this about Hallmark, but I'm simply not able to think "dirty" enough for them. It's double entendre that tends to win.
However, I love Christmas card designing---so I gave it a shot.
Unfortunately, I'm not going to post unpublished original work here.
But what I can show you is one of my current notecard Valentine designs published in my Zazzle store:

This same design is available on a couple mugs as well and I've done a couple things themed on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.
I'll have a nice stamp with this up for sale after postage rates go up at the end of January.

Today's Polyvore sets are the remaining Avenger Sets:
Captain America & Nick Fury 
Captain America


                                                   by madamdreamweaver 

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