Tuesday, January 29

Polyvore Tuesday: Fantasy Art

 It's somewhat rainy today. A cold front is following behind, so it will be stormy, then cold over the next couple days.
The sounds of rain pitter-pattering on the roof makes our cat nervous, so she wanted to sit on my lap while I was watching Kelly & Michael this morning. Steven Amell, star of The Arrow series, was on. I tend to notice whether an actor rates as "good interview" or not. Are they smiling, are they comfortable, are they conversational? He was. He seemed nice. They did a little arrow target shooting with him and his skill on hitting the target was fair. Certainly better then then theirs. Not a bullseye, but he hit in the 2nd red ring close to the border of the yellow bullseye.
I think the worst actor for an interview is Robert De Niro. I saw him with Dustin Hoffman on David Letterman once and Dustin, who is somewhat quiet himself, had to do all the answering for De Niro, because De Niro wouldn't speak except to say an occasional yes or no. Hoffman had to carry the entire interview and it was the worst thing I ever saw.

Today's featured Polyvore set is called "Pirate Dream" and it's one of my first fantasy-art sets I ever did.
It's done entirely with clipart & effects available in Polyvore. 

Pirate Dream

Pirate Dream by madamdreamweaver

Other News:
I ordered a new microwave. The current one is finally rusting out inside. And I've never liked it. Someone, whom I will only loosely call 'a friend' bought it randomly for us 15 years ago, without asking what we wanted or liked, since the one we had had just died. Seeing we were missing a microwave, he just ran over to Kmart, bought one, came back and set it up.I never even had a chance to say boo about it.
(He had a habit of buying things to be liked. Honestly, this guy had all the personality of a nervous Chihuahua you might see, sitting and trembling, ready to pee on itself if you look at it wrong. Really, that's what he reminded me of.

 He was very peevish person with a gift for making himself odious to people.) It's been a good microwave---it's just that it's white.
The new one I've ordered is finally one of my choice: it's black.
The counter space I have is only 20 inches, so it has to be a compact 17 inch size.
I've recently added a couple new products to my Zazzle store: a couple of pitchers and a Doodle Heart candy jar!
I was pleased to discover that existing tea pot designs I had on file worked exactly right on the pitchers, but on the candy jar, I had to experiment via trial and error to find the right design dimensions.
I set up a Pinterest board. Just for promotional reasons really, because that opens a door to a different audience. Both Zazzle and Polyvore have "Pinterest buttons" for easy pinning, though personally
 I find viewing Pinterest boards quite irritating, since I can't find out anything more about anything I see. Say, I like a home improvement pic---well, that's all there is---a pic. There's no back links to the original "how to" articles, to read how to do that cool thing pictured. There's only a back-link to a board that pinned it and to the previous board that pinned it, to another board that perhaps originally pinned it.
To me, Pinterest is like a computerized form of bulletin board that you just stick pictures on.
I'd rather read actual info. This is better. And the pics you see here, are there, so you aren't missing anything.

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