Tuesday, January 8

Polyvore Tuesday: More Avengers Sets

Today I have 3 Avenger themed sets to show you.
These were just for fun.
Polyvore has been on holiday over Christmas and New Years, so there haven't been much in the way of official contests.
I've done a few group contests in groups I belong to, of course.

First up, a set called "Realms at War" featuring Loki & Thor:
Realms at War

Realms at War by madamdreamweaver
(You can visit the link above to view all my sets!)

Next, an Iron Man set:

Iron Man

Finally, a set for the "big, green rage monster" as Tony Stark calls him, The Hulk.

That's My Secret...

 Generally, I just use what's available in the Polyvore clip art, which includes a variety of effects & backgrounds. 
I have 2 more Avengers sets in my collection, which I'll post next week!
Come back tomorrow for Garden Pic Wednesday!


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